Farewell Summer 2014

Summer of Sophia 2.0 in less than 30 seconds. Farewell, unforgettable Summer 2014. Goodbye… rooftops.  summer shandy.  flip flops.  decks. Here’s to friends–old and new…  You invigorate my spirit. YOU GIVE ME LIFE. Here’s to the next season of…  sweaters.  hoodies.  pumpkin ale.  s’mores.  memories. Recognize People & Places? THANKS (for the fun <3 times) […]

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Let The Street Be My Runway Tonight

“I was a model.  There was a red carpet runway.  There was a photographer and a videographer.  A stylist did my hair; a makeup artist did my makeup.  People came to watch.  And passers-by stopped to watch me pummel the runway.” That’s the basic version of how I spent Friday, August 15, 2014. Let me […]

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Friday Feats and Fails

“I need to write.”  I repeated this to myself at least a dozen times in the month of July.  “I need to write…there’s so much story to be made into memoir.” But I didn’t write.  Mostly for legit reasons; July was a make-it-or-break-it month for me…  A month that would help evaluate Sophia 2.0’s progress […]

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Always Darkest Before Dawn

I WORK NOW. I got a job. (Wow.  Way to begin the awkward “sorry I’ve been MIA for like 2 months” blog post THAT I ALWAYS SAID I WOULD NEVER DO). If you follow me on social media, or you know me in real life—this isn’t hot-off-the-press news.  I’ve been sitting on this for awhile.  […]

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Adore Delano Followed Me On Twitter Once

Adore Delano followed me on Twitter once, but not anymore.   Adore Delano was flying high up in the atmosphere, with her cell phone turned off (I know because she tweeted that she didn’t want to turn it off)…meanwhile, I was down here on Land, losing my shit all over the place because RuPaul’s Drag Race […]

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First World (Comic Book Kickstarter Campaign)

Dear Ming, please follow me on Instagram and Twitter

So…comics aren’t REALLY my thing.  And I’m kind of sitting here, writing and re-writing the same intro.  The topic feels foreign and unnatural to me…it’s like writing a term paper. BUT…I think people who have talent and passion and ambition DESERVE ATTENTION!  YES!  Even…..if you are married but separated from them and going to counseling […]

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Let ‘Em Pop, Bro.

Last month, when the separation was fresh and raw, and I wasn’t really sure what the fate of Glitter & Bruises would be…I made a promise. I promised that I would post a humiliating picture of myself when I reached 500 fans on Facebook. I hadn’t even hit the 400 mark yet.  So like, I […]

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If You’re True To Yourself, Everything Will Fall Into Place

I’m not sure what’s up with the cosmos, but if you dig into my career history, you’ll notice a Professional Push pattern emerges during the month of February.  I’m a Cancerian, and I’m wondering if that has anything to do with planetary lineup in my career house at this time of year.  I don’t know […]

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The Snowphia (A Hot Mess In A Dirty Dress)

Don’t throw a pity party for me or anything, but Valentine’s Day sort of just sneaked up on me this year.  Last night I had this paralyzing thought:  “OH SHIT, I HAVE NO ONE.  I AM GOING TO BE ALL ALONE ON VALENTINE’S DAY.  OMG.” So when I woke up this morning…to, um…about six more […]

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Doilies And Plastic Covered Furniture

Check out the wallpaper behind me.  It’s so old, it’s actually kind of pimp.  I am blogging to you today–a quick little bloggity-blog update–live from my new (temporary) Command Central….my brother’s childhood bedroom.  My laptop sits on his old bureau sits on a table length doily that spans the length of his bureau. My butt […]

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