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Transformation Tuesday: Sahara Davenport

Today is a notable day in Drag Race history.  On this day, one year ago… RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars made its debut.  After months of speculation and teasers, RuPaul’s Drag Race super-fans, semi-fans, and soon-to-be fans were counting down the minutes until we could indulge in, and savor, brand new, delicious moments with our […]

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Adorable (And Crazy Budget Friendly) Handprint Spiders

If you know me, or if you’ve been following my blog…you know Ron and I are currently Funemployed, so our budget for entertainment, decor, holiday celebrations, and pretty much everything else is about…$0.00, give or take.  I’ve always been a pretty frugal person, and I’ll tell you what–there are dozens and dozens of excellent blogs […]

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Twerk Riot Weekend: My Spirit Animal Is Named Maverick And He’s Hung Like A Horse

It has been almost a year since everything changed.  The year before that, I suffered from (and sought treatment for) clinical depression.  Through the pain, the stress, the upheaval, the disconnectedness…I often questioned the existence of a higher power.  God, or…the Universe, or…Angels, or…something.  Anything.  I wanted to believe I wasn’t alone in my sadness […]

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Transformation Tuesday: Lashauwn Beyond

I stood there in a brand-new-to-me school cafeteria, with my lunch tray held in a tight grip as I scanned the entire room, looking for an open place to sit down and dig in to my french bread pizza and limp fruit cocktail.  I didn’t have the nerve to sit down with the cheerleaders, and […]

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Twerk Riot Weekend: What Is This Twerk Riot You Speak Of?

I have something to say… Something that I haven’t spoken of in a long time. When I say what I have to say, it’s going to send shockwaves through the entire Facebook community. Residents of central Pennsylvania will feel the earth tremble. Old men will clasp their hands against their hearts, pregnant women hold their […]

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