Monthly Archives: January 2014

Doilies And Plastic Covered Furniture

Check out the wallpaper behind me.  It’s so old, it’s actually kind of pimp.  I am blogging to you today–a quick little bloggity-blog update–live from my new (temporary) Command Central….my brother’s childhood bedroom.  My laptop sits on his old bureau sits on a table length doily that spans the length of his bureau. My butt […]

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The Beginning

The idea of a memoir came before the blog.  I had trudged through half of 2013 with nothing fantastic to report.  But the cycle of gut-wrenching crises that put me (literally) flat on my back, in bed, paralyzed with a 2-3 day I-Can’t-Go-On depression…almost became comical.  Almost.  Every time I emerged from the depths of […]

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Happy New Year, Like Ten Days Late.

The only good thing to happen to me in 2013 was the birth of this website, and even then—it only became a reality because of shitty circumstances that left me no choice but to walk out on my job the month before. When Christmas was over, I eased into Buffer Week…that seven day stretch where […]

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