Remember that movie with…Kevin Costner, I think it was…?  He was just an Iowa corn farmer, doing his Iowa corn farming thing.  And he heard a voice whisper…

“…If you blog it, they will come.”

With his wife’s encouragement, he pushes corn farming to the back burner and focuses all his attention on starting a blog.  He blogged and he blogged and he blogged, but they didn’t come.  Well….a few of them did.  Mainly friends and some extended family.  But everyone else was oblivious to the very existence of the blog he worked so hard on!

A year passed, and the in laws told him to throw in the towel before he loses everything and is forced to blog using the free Wifi from his local McDonald’s.  (Which wouldn’t be terrible if they had Shamrock shakes year-round).

Twerkin’ for Shamrock Shakes! 

Anyway–spoiler alert!  They didn’t come.  Kevin Costner was like, “That’s crap.  WTF.”  His wife left him for a high-falootin’ tobacco farmer and his daughter got knocked up the night before the 1988 Iowa Caucus.

Or maybe I’m confusing the Kevin Costner movie plot with something else…because something doesn’t sound right.

Anyway, here’s my point:  Unless you’re on the front page of HuffPo or the AOL Welcome Screen (it still exists, if you can believe it)…it’s not that easy to direct traffic to your blog.  Social media works, but it requires a lot of time spent finding and creating content, plus additional time promoting yourself.  And in the beginning, it’s hard not to overload your fans and followers with Blog-Stuff, since a good percentage of them are supportive friends and family.

Then there’s all the other stuff.  Like….  Linky Parties?  I still don’t know what a Linky Party is.  It sounds fun…I think?  What do I know–I’m still new to this blogging thing.

But…I found this group on Facebook called Blogger Resources & Opps, and hell–I am not even 100% sure what the Opps are, but I was all about Blogger Resources from the get go.  And basically–from what I can gather, we’re all just a bunch of bloggers who are supporting each other and helping each other increase audience reach by giving “shout-outs” through various types of social media (shares on Facebook, retweets on Twitter, repins on Pinterest, etc.) OR encouraging people to come to our site and leave comments.

Today I participated in a Comment and Share request.  I asked fellow bloggers to share my post about my Visa Gift Card giveaway, and in return, I am to comment/share at least 3 of my fellow blogger-friends websites.

So I am gonna do just that.  Actually, I am going to go above and beyond the 3 required “shout outs” and share with you some interesting blogs I found while participating in this Facebook group activity.

But first–seriously–LIKE my page on Facebook.  I am foaming at the mouth to get more page likes.  Join the Glitter & Bruises Facebook community HERE.

Interested in 50s style and fashion icons?  Check out what Maddie has to say HERE at Diva Talk Radio.  Bonus–Maddie is a Lady Gaga worshipper.  Maddie—you are Glitter & Bruises A-P-P-….R-O-V-E-D!  (You thought I was going to break out with a little “applause-plause, live for the applause-plause” didn’t you!?)

The Craft Dictator makes a Christmas Container for her dog, Foxy–check it out right HERE!  Foxy is adorbs!  “Foxy” also happens to be one of my favorite adjectives.  By the way–I am dyyyying for a sewing machine so I can re-teach myself to sew…….but I’m totally tossing around the idea of embroidery now, too–because of this blog.  Which is awesome because I have so much free time, plus I’m teaching myself how to crochet, so…..yeah.  I have ADHD, by the way.  Treated–but still.  😉

Jenn over at Couponing Away Debt has review about Campus Book Rentals right HERE.  If you have a child approaching college-age, or perhaps you’re in school (or thinking of going back to school), you’ll definitely want to check this out.  I’ll never forget my freshman year at Penn State–dropped $100s for books (some of which we NEVER USED) and sold them all back for a whopping $7.

On the opposite spectrum of kid-raising…are you in the market for a new car seat?  Check out the review HERE for the Graco SnugRide Click Connect 35-Lyric car seat.  Little Bits Of Everything praises the car seat (we were a Graco family, too) and also reminds us–car seats expire!  UGH!  Guess I waited too long to have another baby…if I do decide to have more offspring, a new car seat is an absolute must.

This makes me SQUEEEEAL with excitement right HERE!  This is a link to the Facebook page “Thrift In The City” with a whole bunch of ideas on how to reuse old frames.  I am already in love with this blog!

Mommy Guru has the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide right HERE and just in time, because…hell, Christmas is like, what…20 days away?

Alyssa Collazo has a review on Rimmel London ScandalEyes Retro Glam Mascara HERE.  I’m totally trying Rimmel, now.  I mean—I think it’s new to me.  I am such a makeup junkie, I can’t be sure I haven’t tried ANY Rimmel mascara.  Lipstick, yes.  Mascara?  Hell if I know.

Sorey Fitness is giving away a bunch of awesome stuff, including a SodaStream!  The total prize package is worth over $600, so make sure you enter HERE.

Bugs & Beans has a recipe for Creamy Potato Soup HERE, and my first thought was “hell yeah, potato soup!”  My next thought was, “hell no, lactose intolerant!”  But there’s no milk in this recipe, and I can totally handle cream cheese, so I’m definitely trying this recipe SOON!

The Tip Toe Fairy has a recipe for mulled cider HERE, and answers the question “what exactly *is* mulled cider?”  Now I’m thinking three things.  1.  I’m thirsty.  2.  I want to drink mulled cider and play board games.  3.  I have to Tip Toe into my son’s room soon because he lost his first tooth today.

What do you think of the first installment of Oh Buoy?  And does that even make sense?  I was sort of going with a “I support you” theme.  “I buoy you and your blog.”

Wait, I think I just came up with a slogan.  I’ll buoy your blog if you buoy mine.

Genius.  I can’t even stand my genius-ness.  Buoy-ya.  OMG, I did it again.  Someone put me to bed, I am DONE.