I’m happy to be a Cancerian today!  I’m totally diggin’ my horoscope for Saturday, December 7th.

cancer horoscope for dec 7

I don’t know if it’s fair to call blogging a Dream Career…in my mind, a “dream career” is something you’ve wanted to do for as long as you can remember.

I didn’t want to be a blogger back in the 80s, fer shure.  It wasn’t even a “thing” back then.

I wanted to be a teacher!!  And I became one.  And it was nice.  But the classroom doesn’t call to me anymore.

So……this dream career?  Maybe I can still teach…through blogging.  Maybe I will teach someone how to cook…or be crafty.  Maybe I will teach someone how to put on makeup and be fabulous.

Maybe someday I will teach someone that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Well…that’s assuming I’m a strong enough woman to ride out this storm.  It has been almost 10 months since Ron was laid off, and… damn.  I thought life would be different by now.  I thought maybe the stress would have let up a little by now.

I thought…maybe by NOW, I’d look back at THEN and think, “Pshew, we survived that bump in the road” instead of the occasional need to draw myself in and self-soothe with a good old-fashioned cry.

Which is stupid, because crying doesn’t solve anything.

Neither does reading horoscopes, but…  I don’t know where I’d be without these little, positive affirmations.  I know I won’t be standing around in 2014, thinking:  WELL?  Where’s my dream career success?  My horoscope said, way back in December of last year, that I was going to be profitable and successful!  What the hell?

I just know that this little affirmation was enough to inspire me to blog a little bit today, and probably tomorrow, too.

Some days, all it takes is a free Android app to keep me focused on working towards a better future.