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Adore Delano Followed Me On Twitter Once

Adore Delano followed me on Twitter once, but not anymore.   Adore Delano was flying high up in the atmosphere, with her cell phone turned off (I know because she tweeted that she didn’t want to turn it off)…meanwhile, I was down here on Land, losing my shit all over the place because RuPaul’s Drag Race […]

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We All Need To Hear This…from Raja Gemini

The buzz on Facebook today is how unseasonably warm it is—it feels more like the first day of Spring…not the first day of Winter. I haven’t seen anyone mention that this is the one year anniversary of the date the world was supposed to end. If you’re reading this–congratulations on surviving the, um…apocalypse-type-thing. No, seriously.  […]

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Fourteen Remedies For Your Seasonal Affective Disorder

So.  Here we are, lovies.  Here we are, in that awkward part of the year that’s been dubbed as “the most wonderful time of the year.”  “The hap-happiest season of all…”  We’re all running around like lunatics, trying to find perfect gifts for each other, running up the credit card debt, keeping the gifts hidden […]

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Transformation Tuesday: Sahara Davenport

Today is a notable day in Drag Race history.  On this day, one year ago… RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars made its debut.  After months of speculation and teasers, RuPaul’s Drag Race super-fans, semi-fans, and soon-to-be fans were counting down the minutes until we could indulge in, and savor, brand new, delicious moments with our […]

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Transformation Tuesday: Lashauwn Beyond

I stood there in a brand-new-to-me school cafeteria, with my lunch tray held in a tight grip as I scanned the entire room, looking for an open place to sit down and dig in to my french bread pizza and limp fruit cocktail.  I didn’t have the nerve to sit down with the cheerleaders, and […]

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Shit My Kid Says: My Kid Is On Fire

I hadn’t really planned on doing spontaneous blogging, and…  I definitely did not want this blog to be a pathetic, attention-whoring Mom blog with dozens upon dozens of pictures documenting my son’s every experience from morning until night. But dammit, he’s funny.  He’s five.  Five is amazing. Actually, what I had planned on blogging about […]

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Transformation Tuesday: Mimi Imfurst

Every single person who hears the name “Mimi Imfurst” can be put into one of three distinct groups.  The first group is “The Kids Are At It Again” group.  These folks don’t follow drag and it’s likely that they’re hearing “Me! Me!  I’m first!” and wondering who’s arguing about what.  The second group is the […]

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Transformation Tuesday: RuPaul

It was a late night, in late winter 2009.  I’ll never forget where I was.  Sitting upright in bed, feeding my baby boy.  I had been flipping through channels and discovered a new reality show called RuPaul’s Drag Race.  I liked RuPaul.  It was nice to see RuPaul on TV.  Looked like good television.

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