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The Snowphia (A Hot Mess In A Dirty Dress)

Don’t throw a pity party for me or anything, but Valentine’s Day sort of just sneaked up on me this year.  Last night I had this paralyzing thought:  “OH SHIT, I HAVE NO ONE.  I AM GOING TO BE ALL ALONE ON VALENTINE’S DAY.  OMG.” So when I woke up this morning…to, um…about six more […]

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Happy New Year, Like Ten Days Late.

The only good thing to happen to me in 2013 was the birth of this website, and even then—it only became a reality because of shitty circumstances that left me no choice but to walk out on my job the month before. When Christmas was over, I eased into Buffer Week…that seven day stretch where […]

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That Christmas When No One Had A Job

A few things happened since 12/25 that delayed the publishing of my Christmas blog post.  Parenting.  Relaxing.  Surprise snowfall.  Enjoying time with family.  Tearing open new toys and putting them together.  Sleep, sleep, and more sleep.  Aaaaaaaand…disgust, anger, and depression.  Yeah. Chances are, when you casually admit to not feeling much in the way of […]

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We All Need To Hear This…from Raja Gemini

The buzz on Facebook today is how unseasonably warm it is—it feels more like the first day of Spring…not the first day of Winter. I haven’t seen anyone mention that this is the one year anniversary of the date the world was supposed to end. If you’re reading this–congratulations on surviving the, um…apocalypse-type-thing. No, seriously.  […]

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I Was Politely Told To Go Scratch

My father’s truck has been acting funny since it’s been really cold out.  That was the case early this morning, although after a little smooth talking, it started up.  Still–he decided it was best to have his mechanic take a look at it, so Ron followed him over to the garage this evening, and then […]

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You Americans And Your Christmas Cookies!

Once upon a time in the 80s, my mom was invited to participate in a Christmas Cookie Exchange.  I was too young to know the deets and how this thing all went down.  All I know is that my mother left our home with a shit-ton of Christmas Cookies and returned with a shit-ton of […]

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The World Conspires Against Me!

To blog, that is.  Hellooooo, my homeslices!  I didn’t think I would ever make it back to Glitter & Bruises, but sure enough–here I am.  It’s been an interesting week, with an anniversary, some wintry weather, and some Christmas fun.  Oh, and a power outage–which totally worked in my favor. So this past Sunday, Ron […]

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Well I Didn’t Get Trampled, So That Was Good.

Is it too late to dish about BLACK FRIDAY?  I say NO WAY!  The Deals, Steals, and Doorbusters went down exactly one week ago, and if you’re anything like me, it’s taken a full 7 days to recuperate from the all-night shopping spree. I am a faithful Black Friday shopper.  I live for Black Friday.  […]

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Christmas Countdown Labels With Vintage Flair! (Free Printable)

Yesterday, I had a lightbulb moment.  I’m a little embarrassed to share it, but I will–with the hope that many of my readers will stop and think… “OMG. Yes.  Duh.  YESSSSS.” Let me state the obvious, first.  Here are the known facts.  1.  Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.  2.  Christmas countdowns […]

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