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Let ‘Em Pop, Bro.

Last month, when the separation was fresh and raw, and I wasn’t really sure what the fate of Glitter & Bruises would be…I made a promise. I promised that I would post a humiliating picture of myself when I reached 500 fans on Facebook. I hadn’t even hit the 400 mark yet.  So like, I […]

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That Christmas When No One Had A Job

A few things happened since 12/25 that delayed the publishing of my Christmas blog post.  Parenting.  Relaxing.  Surprise snowfall.  Enjoying time with family.  Tearing open new toys and putting them together.  Sleep, sleep, and more sleep.  Aaaaaaaand…disgust, anger, and depression.  Yeah. Chances are, when you casually admit to not feeling much in the way of […]

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Shit My Kid Says: My Kid Is On Fire

I hadn’t really planned on doing spontaneous blogging, and…  I definitely did not want this blog to be a pathetic, attention-whoring Mom blog with dozens upon dozens of pictures documenting my son’s every experience from morning until night. But dammit, he’s funny.  He’s five.  Five is amazing. Actually, what I had planned on blogging about […]

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