I got a job.

(Wow.  Way to begin the awkward “sorry I’ve been MIA for like 2 months” blog post THAT I ALWAYS SAID I WOULD NEVER DO).

If you follow me on social media, or you know me in real life—this isn’t hot-off-the-press news.  I’ve been sitting on this for awhile.  Partly because I *have* been busy, and partly because I’ve been mulling over the idea of how to share my wonderful news and what this means for Glitter & Bruises.hired


YESSS!  Yours truly took a big step towards independence on GREEK INDEPENDENCE DAY, of all days…after two interviews, I was offered a job–and I accepted!

Sophia Efthymiades, Marketing & Events Specialist at Lancaster Newspapers, Inc.

And….GOSH, I’ve been dying to share the news with you!
And….GOSH, I’ve been so darn busy!
And….GOSH, it’s like a match-made-in-heaven job for me!

Now, here’s the thing.  I did have a twinge of nervousness about announcing my job to the world.  And also–a twinge of nervousness about (potentially) sharing my blog with new-to-me colleagues.

I mean, I wouldn’t introduce myself to new colleagues like this:  “Hi, I’m Sophia…and my life is a trainwreck.  Pleasure to meet you.”

Yet, keeping my blog a secret felt like a complete misalignment with Glitter & Bruises’ mission, which was always to be authentic. Episodes of Actual Experience.  Even when my marriage hit a devastating speed bump.

I am working for a company that publishes a daily newspaper, filled with factual information as well as a spectrum of opinions about anything and everything.  Written by people.  People just like me.  Their words are published on newsprint paper; mine are published digitally.  Why, or how, could I possibly hide the fact that I too, am a writer?

And on the flip side, original Glitter & Bruises readers know this blog was born during a much different time of my life–I was married, living with my husband and son, trying to get by on unemployment benefits after he had been let go from his job after 16 years.

The new year ushered in a new life, and the voice of this blog stayed the same, but the tone had changed…no longer am I the housewife, patiently waiting for a blessing, an employment opportunity…blogging because maybe, just maybe, it will bring a meager but steady stream of much needed income to my family…

No.  No longer passively waiting.  The voice behind Glitter & Bruises is stronger, more ambitious, and focused…this is a memoir-in-the-making of a woman, a mother… who is taking her power back, solo, one baby step at a time.

I walked right out of my comfort zone….hand in hand with my son.  With little more than the clothes on our backs.  My spirit on life support.  I had no idea my life was about to shatter in the first weeks of the new year…  While the rest of the world enjoyed the after-Christmas festivities, the new toys and gadgets…

…I left it all behind and began working on the biggest comeback of my life.  Sophia 2.0 was under way.

And that is why I could not downplay, much less avoid announcing my wonderful new job.

Which–OMG YOU GUYS, it’s not exactly NEW anymore!  I’ve been with Lancaster Newspapers for just over two months already!

So I think it’s really important to say this:  Opinions expressed are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

I realize this disclaimer is probably pointless, as it offers me no legal protection and might even give me a false sense of security that I can freely run my mouth without editing my thoughts.

Fortunately, I’m not passionately opinionated about, you know….stuff.  I don’t have wonky ideas and conspiracy theories and I can almost totally guarantee I’ll never get political or biblical.

But…there it is.  *insert big cheesy smiley face here*

Back to this whole I CAN’T BELIEVE IT’S BEEN TWO MONTHS ALREADY thing…  Can you believe it’s been two months?  I totally can’t believe it’s been two months.


Check out this beautiful building I work in…right in the heart of Lancaster City!

Every morning I walk through these doors…into the same space where stories that affected us and our personal histories were written…and printed.  War stories.  Assassinations and attempted assassinations.  Landing on the moon.  Elections.  Military coups.  Worldwide news, local news.  Big stories with little impact and little stories with big impact. Births, deaths, and everything in between.

The biggest events in our history–the ones that we can say, “I remember exactly where I was when I found out _____…”  Especially the events that happened before the age of the Internet….they began here, written and printed and spread among Lancaster and surrounding areas.  It’s really fascinating!

And here’s a little tidbit for you:  I was right here in this building when the ban on same sex marriage was overturned in Pennsylvania.  I got the news….from the news!  Right here in the middle of the news!


Every morning I walk through Steinman Park and savor the sound of my high heels clicking against the brick walkway and echoing through the brick overhang.

I inhale the energy of the city, steal a glance at either one of the clocks on the front of the building, and thank the Universe for the opportunity to propel Sophia 2.0 towards success.

Oh, and guess what…  Every two weeks, I get one of THESE:


(Sophia 2.0 and the FIRST PAYCHECK…April 2014!)

Of course I had to take a selfie with my first paycheck.  Totally a sign of the times!

So my darlings, that’s where I’ve been for these past several weeks.  It just didn’t feel right to continue to blog without sharing my fantastic news, and I truly wanted to dedicate time and thought to a Big Reveal.

Stay tuned–in a future blog post, I’ll tell you what I’m doing as a Marketing & Events Specialist (spoiler alert: event planner!) and I’ll let you in on a juicy….no, mouth-watering….wait, deliciousssssss, yeah….  a delicious event I’m working on.

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