french kiss friday colorsensational lip gloss purple royale makeup lipstick swatchI’m baaa-aaaack!  French Kiss Friday started off BEAUTIFULLY, and then my beloved camera stopped working, kind of.  Throw in some adventure seeking and Fall Fun, and well…it left me no time for French Kisses!  And that is why I have one and a HALF lipstick reviews for you today!  Pucker up!That purplicious smooch is mine, all mine!  And I think I know what you’re thinking.  I think you’re thinking… “Oh HELL no.”  Don’t think that.

Actually–I would be lying if I told you I IMMEDIATELY embraced this lipcolor.  I didn’t.  This color, this Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Limited Edition Maybelline COLORsensational High Shine Lip Gloss in Purple Royale, is just not my thing.  I… dislike… lipgloss… mostly.

I have lipgloss.  Mostly for the convenience factor.

maybelline colorsensational lip gloss purple royale makeup lipstick swatch limited edition

But still…there it was, in all of it’s decadent, limited edition glory.  That tall, slender tube of purple passion, I just….no.  I began to walk away.  I have so many lip glosses at home already…I reasoned.  But…I neeeeed it.  I need to hold it in my hand, and…  Get my face up close to it, and… Rub my lips all over it, and….  Wait, what?  Shiiiiiit, wrong fantasy, Soph!

Yeah, so.  I bought it.

colorsensational lip gloss purple royale makeup lipstick swatch limited editionTHAT…looks like I smeared some of Barney’s kids on the back of my hand.  If you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down.  That’s some serious purple.

Here’s the thing–and this is why I don’t want you to fear the purple:  It’s somewhat transparent.  It’s not thick and heavy enough to go on like a bold, purple paint.  And because it comes in a tube with a wand, you can easily wipe off a bunch of excess before even applying it to your lips.  If it’s not enough, add a little more.  And a little more.  Build it up.

I think it looked pretty good on me, and I’m sorry I don’t have a picture–but I wasn’t wearing full face makeup.  Like I said, it’s very transparent, so I can’t even say my lips looked super-purple…more like a deep, plummy, vampy gloss.

It glides on smoothly, and while you have to reapply it throughout the day, you’re not likely to find that it’s going to dry out your lips or get gummy.

The downside to this particular color is this:  it is the nature of deep, plummy, purple-y, vampy colors to not distribute evenly over the lips.  This is not a FAIL on Maybelline’s end…in fact, I can think of two specific instances when I was in high school and I just could NOT get the vamp lipstick to look right.  (Revlon Black Cherry, mid 90s anyone)?

By the way–I fucking LOVE 90s makeup.  I have a 90s makeup Board on Pinterest–on my personal Pinterest.  I should make a 90s makeup Board on Glitter & Bruises Pinterest page, which is here, and…..pleeeease follow me!  I FOLLOW BACK!

Now I’m sitting on the fence about this particular lip gloss because I don’t love it and I don’t hate it.  I don’t love beating the wand against my lips, trying to get even spread and coverage…but that PURPLE, tho!

So this is where I resort to my bag of tricks…I’m thinking it’s buildable…how about I build it up on top of something else?  Well THAT was my best idea of the day, because……..the truth is:  it wasn’t just Purple Royale that seduced me that one day in CVS.  Another Limited Edition color–a lipstick–came home with me too.  It’s called Violet Intrigue.  And it’s the balls.

(Balls is good.)

I know I said I wasn’t taking pictures of me since I didn’t have a full face of makeup on, but I didn’t think a French Kiss swatch would do Violet Intrigue + Purple Royale justice.  Then again, neither would my webcam and my piss-poor lighting, but whatevs.  I slathered on some creamy Violet Intrigue and applied the Purple Royale on top, and this is what I got:

maybelline colorsensational lip gloss purple royale violet intrigue makeup lipstick swatchIt basically turned into a thick and luscious purple!  Very nice!  Good blend!  So in short:  Purple Royale all alone = meh … but Purple Royale layered on top of another lipstick = probably OK, maybe even fantastic.

And check out this cool little surprise when I French Kissed my swatch paper:  You can see both lip colors!!  I know, I know–it’s nothing to pop a proverbial boner over, but it looks cool!

maybelline purple royale violet intrigue makeup lipstick swatch