TMNTcover2When I was in school, the mandatory Home Ec course was half a year of cooking, and half a year of sewing.  As a Domestic Goddess in training–it came as no surprise that I enjoyed both, and I took Sewing as an elective course in high school because I fell in love with patterns, fabrics, threads, and…bobbins.  I’ve forgotten a lot of those skills I learned (use it or lose it?) but fortunately, my husband knows a thing or two about sewing and making costumes.  And fortunately, he ADORES Halloween and looks forward to creating a costume for Gabriel every year.  Most years, he’s taken full responsibility for G’s Halloween costume, but this year we tag teamed it–he took care of the costume and I did Gabriel’s makeup.  You can read about it here.

Truth is:  the costume is only half-homemade.  While he was at Goodwill, looking for green sweatpants and a green sweatsuit, he happened to find a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle in Gabriel’s size, AND….

It didn’t have a shell!  Perfect, because he wanted to make the shell, and the costume only cost about $4 since it was missing a piece.

Gabriel loved it because it had built-in muscle padding.

Ron used foam padding like this to make the shell:


I so, SO wish I had step by step photo instructions, but…he didn’t take pictures of the process.  Which is totally awesomesauce because that’s PRIMO blog content and since he’s an “internet guy,” you would think………ahh, nevermind.  Thinking is overrated.

So what he did, supposedly…is bend a piece of foam over his leg and then use a heat gun to heat it into submission.

Then he cut some other pieces to make a turtle shell pattern.  “And then all the other pieces I figured out in my head how big they should be,” he just told me.  “And then took the pieces and glued them, uh…hot glued them to the shell, giving approximately 1/4″ between each piece.  Um, then from there I went into painting.”

preshell copy

So yeah–then he went into the painting.  “Um, I started off with a primer coat of grayish-brown, then went back in between each of the shell pieces and painted in a dark grayish-brown.  I went back through and painted all of the body of the shell.  I stipple painted the body of the shell with orange, and then green, and then black.”

I wonder if he’s going to share what kind of paint he used.  I wonder if I should ask him.  :::waiting:::  :::waiting:::  See, this is why I blog, and he…..doesn’t.  So…would you like to tell the people what kind of paint you used?

“The crappy acrylic that was laying around the house.  The cheapest stuff we could find.”

(Yes, I’m pretty sure it was from Michael’s, when it was like 3/$1).

shell copy

Okay, you have to admit–that’s pretty bad ass.

Here’s how he made it stay on Gabriel’s back:  “Um, what the fuck are they called…  Um, nylon strapping and quick release clips.  I hot glued them to the inside of the shell–one on each shoulder and one in the crotch.”

I have half a mind to post his cell phone number here so you can call or text him for clarification.

He made a chest piece the same way, and painted it yellow.  And the final touch–he cut up an old orange t-shirt to make the eye mask.  Gabriel wanted to be Michaelangelo, the “funny” one.  He *is* the funny one.  He always sounds like he’s 420.

Here’s a few pics of Gabriel as Michaelangelo for Halloween 2013!


And just in case you were wondering—he was SO excited.  I know the pics make him look pissed off and irritated.  But I told him not to smile, because he looked like an asshole when he smiled.  Like a little Green Giant with a set of teeth behind bars.  Like he was holding someone hostage in his mouth.  Like he done swallowed a human and they were trying to bust out of his piehole.



To read more about how I did his makeup, click here.