teenage mutant ninja turtle makeup tutorial facepaintSo I’m totally not a makeup artist but I might eventually be one…someday.  When I get my life straightened out.  Until then, I have to live for moments like this:  having a client who is ready and willing to let me do their makeup.

Bonus:  Client lives here, so I don’t have to clean the bathroom to “company ready” level.  Also, I don’t have to tote a bunch of makeup to an offsite location.

My ready and willing client is…….my son Gabriel!  Can you even believe it?  This little boy who can’t stand messes and is sort of, kind of borderline OCD about washing his hands when they’re gunky…was ACTUALLY willing to sit down and let me beat his face.


Now let me tell you what’s up—-I’m totally not thrilled with how his makeup turned out.  Then again, he’s FIVE.  And active.  And the more I told him not to move his face, the more “Alyssa Edwards” he got.


And it’s not like I had top quality makeup.  What I *really* wanted was some nice theatrical makeup, but since Ron and I are both Funemployed, I settled for the cheap Cream Makeup tubes from Walmart.  First world problems, I know.

splooge cream makeup stage makeup

So I had to make do with the resources I had to transform Gabriel into a “Teenage Teetay Ninja Turtle” for Halloween.


Here’s my client, with clean skin and his hair held back with a glow in the dark headband!

I was worried that painting his face green would just make him look more like an army dude…considering the shade of green wasn’t the vibrant, cartoonish green I was hoping to use.  So I decided to make him look like an action figure, with the fierce, close-mouthed, toothy smile.


What I did was make a stencil out of clear contact paper and put it over his lips to assist me in making the shape of the mouth.  I started off painting his face with the green cream makeup, painting and dabbing right over the contact paper which acted as a shield over part of his face.  This totally relieved me of having to apply the makeup with precision.


I couldn’t believe he was so willing to let me put contact paper over his mouth!  Now look–don’t be calling Child Protective Services on me. It’s not like I used duct tape or anything…LOL


When I took the stencil off, it just looked more like he had a really messy dinner.  And the mouth shape was bigger than I had wanted it to be, but at least I had something to work with.



I painted most of the rest of his face with the green cream makeup.  I didn’t get too close to his eyes because he would be wearing an eye mask anyway.  When I was done, I painted the mouth area white (he hated that part).  Then I outlined his mouth with black cream makeup (would have used a jumbo black pencil, but I couldn’t find one so close to Halloween) and I also painted on the teeth to make him look kind of like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figure.


Stay tuned—the costume reveal is coming up in Part Two!