This is the Full Moon that is suspended above my home tonight…the same Full Moon that is over your home tonight, and I’m wondering if anyone out there is feeling the same energy that I’m feeling?  This isn’t your standard Full Moon, no…This is a lunar eclipse.

Eclipses are powerful.  Eclipses are potent.  An eclipse often marks the start of a new life chapter, or a major life change.  And I…  I feel scared.

The optimistic side of me wants to believe that tonight’s lunar eclipse is point in my life where the pendulum has swung as far back as it can go.  I want to believe it’s time for that pendulum to change direction, start moving forward, and pick up momentum.

The pessimistic side of me is convinced I have a long way to go before I reach rock bottom.  We’ve taken life one blow at a time, for a long time…we’re jobless, health insurance-less, and have bills out the wazoo…but we have our marriage, our health, our son, our home.  I haven’t lost those things yet, so I don’t think I’ve reached rock bottom.

Still–the thought of great change stirs up some anxiety and fear…  I guess when life kicks you repeatedly, it becomes second nature to expect the next kick.  It’s easy to shrug off the idea that maybe life extend a hand and help you up.

BUT…eclipses come in pairs.  Tonight’s lunar eclipse will be followed by a solar eclipse on November 3rd.  They’re a tag team operation.

Tonight’s lunar eclipse marks The Ending.  And the upcoming solar eclipse starts The New Beginning.  Tonight, the moon is full and bright and illuminates the earth.  It also illuminates events and situations, so that we can see them as clearly as possible.  Tonight is a night for reflection and thinking…  Because in two weeks, under the darkness of the New Moon, we will have to find our way through trust, feeling, and intuition.  Our life path is difficult to see when there is little or no light from the moon.  We just have to trust in the New Beginning.

One thing is certain:  eclipses mark a point of no return.  Whatever situation in life is burdensome to you–say GOODBYE and walk away.  To quote astrologist Susan Miller, “The bridge behind you will collapse after you walk over to the other side, and you will soon see there will be no way for you to retrace your steps — in this case and all cases, the universe is being your friend. You need to look forward, not backward, and eclipses truly make that point clear.”

I am choosing not to let fear of the future burden me.  I’ve been reading up on how this lunar eclipse is going to affect Cancer (me) and Aries (Ron).

The good is…not only is this great, powerful change going to affect my career house, but according to astrologer Susan Miller, the effects of this eclipse are going to have the most impact on Cancers born July 17, plus or minus 4 days.  I am July 21.

Some other things that were said about Cancer and this lunar eclipse:

“This could prove to be a pivotal professional turning or tipping point.”

“Today’s lunar eclipse has the power to act as a lightning rod for not only everything that has been building behind the scenes, but for things that haven’t even come into play yet.”

“This has the power to suddenly make everything make sense, at a time when you have the means to do something about it.”

“Life seems to take a new course this month, so enter it with a sense of adventure, always mindful that you can handle whatever comes your way.”

“Just when you feel you are starting to get a handle on your home situation, your career will start to bring bells and lights, with major news emanating in the third week of October.”

We are in the 3rd week.  Or…perhaps next week is the 3rd week, the 3rd full week.

I don’t follow Aries (Ron) nearly as close as my own sign, because…there is no sense in me trying to get inside of Ron’s head and reflect on his thoughts and feelings.  The lunar eclipse falls in his sign, which also marks the halfway point between Aries’ solar year.  “The first lunar eclipse in your sign in 7 years brings big clues that the second half of this solar year is likely to be very different from the first half.”

That’s reassuring.  I’m not an Aries, but I’m married to one, so….his life is my life.

Taurus, the whole premise behind this lunar eclipse is to get you to stop and think; to look at things from a different perspective and even to do a 180 degree turn on previous assumptions if need be.

Gemini, this is a day for leaving reality and common sense at the door, and instead–embrace some wishful thinking and the notion that following your hunches really does have the power to put you in the right place at the right time.  Trust the law of attraction and synchronicity.

Leo, the lunar eclipse will create some clarity and much needed perspective.  Sometimes it’s those strong reactions to things that provide the insight you need, which makes it hard to just sit on the fence.

Virgo, with a truth trying to be heard,  it’s important to keep your eyes open and your head out of the sand.  Financial matters that have been building behind the scenes will come to a head, or a tipping point.

Libra, the lunar eclipse in your relationship sector brings both personal and relationship matters to a head is a game changer.  This puts you and your relationships on alert, with keeping the communication lines open, turning this into something special.

Scorpio, with support already in play between income and work forces and your overall professional objectives newly defined, this is a chance to get everything out in the open and to draw a very defined new line in the sand.

Sagittarius, today’s lunar eclipse in a playful, romantic, and creatively charged part of your chart is a reminder that the right balance between work and play is essential.  On both the personal and professional fronts, if you’re not having fun, then what’s the point?

Capricorn, this lunar eclipse brings a reminder of what’s important now and of any home and family matters that need to be addressed, but of your long term priorities, with a chance to look to the future.

Aquarius, today’s lunar eclipse brings an opportunity for a communication breakthrough, especially in those unguarded and unscripted moments where so much is being decided by whether you seize the moment and speak out or forever keep your silence.  This is less about planning what needs to be said and more about seizing the moment when it happens, no matter how inconvenient the timing is.

Pisces, falling in your income sector, today’s lunar eclipse will do far more than bring income matters to a tipping point, triggering a change from within when it comes to waking up to what you deserve in all areas of your life.

I wish you happiness and peace, courage and strength.