wwpumpkinMy kid loves Wonder Woman.  He loves Wonder Woman specifically because “her panties are stickin’ out.”
His obsession with panties started a couple years ago when I started to warm him up to the idea of using the potty like a “big boy.”

I have friends who hate the word “panties.”  I don’t know why.  I love it.  It just rolls off the tongue….panties.  pantiessss…

One day, I referred to his underwear as “manpanties” and the obsession was born.  We can’t walk past a lingerie department or Victoria’s Secret without my little one exclaiming, “Mommy!  Her panties are stickin’ out!  I see her bubbies!”

(Total side note here:  I still don’t know how or why he calls bras AND tits “bubbies.”  He sounds like a Jersey Girl.  It’s adorbs.)

I planted the idea of painting a pumpkin to look like Wonder Woman in his little head, but mostly because I wanted to paint her face and add doll hair or a little yarn wig.  He was so enthusiastic about a Wonder Woman pumpkin…because her panties, indeed, stick out.

And my perfectly plump little pumpkin simply couldn’t handle a face, a wig, and a full costume, right down to panties!!!  Also, I can’t paint a face anyway, so I gave in to his whim and concentrated on her costume, and especially her panties.

I have to say, I’m pretty pleased with the results.  I’d love to add a template for you to make your own Wonder Woman pumpkin, but I didn’t use one, other than a little masking tape to create edges, and some cheap star stickers from the local craft store that I painted over and then peeled off.

Since Ron is Funemployed and my income is exactly zero bucks right now (Viva Funemployment!), I had to do this on the cheap.  So I picked up a few bottles of acrylic paint at the craft store when it was 3/$1…ish.  Not bad, and there’s a lot of paint left over, even though I had to coat the pumpkin several times.

And for what it’s worth, my son Gabriel LOST HIS MIND when he saw the pumpkin-in-panties.  I’m calling it now–he’s either going to grow up and chase panties or wear panties.