My father’s truck has been acting funny since it’s been really cold out.  That was the case early this morning, although after a little smooth talking, it started up.  Still–he decided it was best to have his mechanic take a look at it, so Ron followed him over to the garage this evening, and then brought him home.  He also took Gabriel along for the ride, since I am, uh…  How do I say this nicely?

I’m in PMS’s death-grip.  Like, it’s so bad this month, I’m about to piss on a stick to make sure I didn’t make it into the elite 0.5% Failure Rate Birth Control Club.  Probably the only thing worse than two people with no jobs and one kid…is two people with no jobs and two kids.  Meh.

Yeah, so I was resting my bloated fat ass this evening when a text message came through.  See for yourself:

Sometimes my texts come out of order--so the "Surprise" should actually appear under the "why?"  I think it's time to update my phone.

Sometimes my texts come out of order–so the “Surprise” should actually appear under the “why?” I think it’s time to update my phone.

I spent most of my marriage alone with Gabriel in this house, and I don’t get freaked out easily.  I do “alone” quite well, actually.

But…I didn’t know this phone number.  And after the area code (which is local to Lancaster)…the first three digits were 666.

Basically, I was thinking two things.  Either someone had the wrong number…or my sexual assault fantasy was about to become a reality.  Which I was SO not feelin’ at the moment, considering my pathetic hormonal state.

I was debating if I should put pants on (for a long time) when Ron came home.  I said, “Um, can you see if there is something on my car?  Under the windshield?”

He kinda laughed at me but he went out to check, and sure enough…well see for yourself:


OMG!  So sweet!!  THANK YOU!!!!  How thoughtful!! I am SO tickled!

I know you’re reading this, and I want you to know…I have not seen your handwriting in a long time, but it looks verrrrry similar to the handwriting on my “I Am Not A Lesbian” membership card in high school.  (Which was revoked in college….hehe)

YES.  YOU.  Thank you.  I love you.  You’re the best—you WERE the best, you ARE the best, and you always WILL BE the best.  I love you sooooo much!

Well…I know you’re dying to know (along with the rest of my good people)…  Not a single one was a winner…but that’s OK!  It totally made my day.  No wait–it made my Christmas.  It made my YEAR.  I LOVE YOU.

This boy had sooo much fun.

This boy had sooo much fun.