Last month, when the separation was fresh and raw, and I wasn’t really sure what the fate of Glitter & Bruises would be…I made a promise.

I promised that I would post a humiliating picture of myself when I reached 500 fans on Facebook.

I hadn’t even hit the 400 mark yet.  So like, I wasn’t worried.  Nah.

And then something beautiful happened.  I made a decision to stay true to myself, my life, and my (small) audience.  I chose honesty.  I chose authenticity.  And my reach grew a little more, and a little more.

As I crept closer to 500 likes, I noticed the Glitter & Bruises Facebook page was evolving from an attention-whoring social media outlet to a growing community of women who had a collective “shit ton” of life experience from which they could generously share stories of positivity and encouragement…  And also a growing community of women who were currently navigating their way through a “shit ton” of unexpected or unwanted life experience in secret, because…”dirty laundry is not to be aired publicly.”

You know what IS to be aired publicly?

MAH BALLS.  Yeeeeap.


This is the humiliating picture I promised to my fans when I reached 500 Likes on Facebook.


I CAN DO ANYTHING.  ANYTHING AT ALL.  Because I have balls.

I grew a set.  Now what?  Now watch me get my life together, one step at a time.

Courage.  Hope.  Focus.  Moxie.  Ambition.  Power.  What good are these qualities if you ain’t got no bollocks?

I wasn’t born with these jewels…I EARNED MY BALLS.  They weren’t handed to me, but you better believe I handle them.

If you’ve got some balls, or you need some encouragement to grow your own pair, join the Glitter & Bruises Facebook community HERE.

I know that deep inside you there’s a humongous set of testicles just waiting to pop out. Let ’em pop, bro. -Kenny Powers