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Hi!  I’m Sophia!

I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on September 11, 2008.  A few days later, the economy tanked.

The timing could not be more perfect.  Really.  I was a newlywed with a honeymoon baby (and by “honeymoon” I mean “a Ramada Inn somewhere in New Jersey”), an even newer homeowner, and had officially resigned from teaching to be a Stay Slave-At-Home-Mom.

Fast forward through a few years of Frugal Living (you know, the extreme couponing, comparing sale ads, trying to stretch every dollar to make ends meet)…doing the ho-hum typical Mom stuff.  What set me apart from pretty much every other Mom was that my husband worked 2.5 hours away and was only home weekends.

I’ll be honest.  It didn’t suck.

But then he had to go and mess everything up by accidentally driving over a baby snake.  He killed it!  He killed it to death!  Right in our driveway!  Bad omen alert!

A few days later, Superstorm Sandy made her appearance.  Do you see where I’m going here?

Baby…     Economy in crisis.

Dead Snake…     Superstorm Sandy.

I’m a magnet for bad shit!

We (here in Lancaster, PA) braced ourselves for the brunt of the storm, because the meteorologists told us we were going to get the direct hit.  That was an incorrect prediction.  The Jersey Shore took the hit.   Our home was safe because we were so far inland;  unfortunately my husband’s office building was ravished by floods.

While the people of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania carried on with Halloween, and then Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year, as if Sandy never happened…we were trying to cope with the upheaval in our life as my “part-time husband” stayed home for 3 months and turned our spare room into a home office.

Now I have to tell you…he’s a Jersey Shore native and I’m born and raised here in Amish Paradise, and the Universe wasn’t exactly cooperative when he was looking for a job in the area, so we could shack up and make a life together.  And after awhile, it just wasn’t worth putting our lives on hold anymore.  So every single week, from the time we started dating (in 2002), through our engagement, wedding, pregnancy, and the first 4 years of our son’s life—-we were together for about half a week, and apart for about half a week.  That’s not most people’s Normal, but it was our Normal.

So, with a “Restore The Shore” spirit, the least we could do to help in the aftermath of that unprecedented storm was to use our home as a workspace for my husband to continue to do his job to help keep the company functioning while the office building underwent massive cleanup and renovations.  By the end of January 2013, everything was finished and life returned to Normal.

And then he was laid off…on Valentine’s Day.  How about that.  16 years, and then just like that.


There have been dozens of other setbacks this year, which I will blog about, in due time.  Quite a few times I have said, “2013 is the Year Of ‘And Then THIS Happened!'”

I have so often said these words:  “Someday, when I write my memoir…”    My memoir.  It excites me and makes me laugh.  Who am I?  I’m not famous.  I’m the daughter of a Greek immigrant father and a Greek (American born) mother.  I am a Pre-Kindergarten teacher—once a teacher, always a teacher.  I love good food and I weigh 120 pounds less than I did 10 years ago.  I love makeup and I especially love the art of Drag.  I am an Ambassador of Fun.  I love to laugh.  I strive to be radiant; to be the effervescent personality in the room.  I am a friend to all and my heart is full of love, love, love.

I have lost almost everything this year.  “I’m living on such sweet nothing…”  I am scared, but I am hopeful.  I am resilient.

And I am a storyteller.  That’s why I’m here.  My memoir can’t wait!  These are the stories I hope I live long enough to tell my grandchildren.  The exhilarating stories and the mundane stories.  They’re my stories.

The Good Stories and The Bad Stories.

The Glitter and The Bruises.

My legacy.

Sophia Efthymiades Wybraniec