I hadn’t really planned on doing spontaneous blogging, and…  I definitely did not want this blog to be a pathetic, attention-whoring Mom blog with dozens upon dozens of pictures documenting my son’s every experience from morning until night.

But dammit, he’s funny.  He’s five.  Five is amazing.

Snapshot_20131009_14 copy

Actually, what I had planned on blogging about was my husband Ron, and his comic book.  He left home today, on his way to the NY ComicCon.  I’ll share more about that in another post, but for now, if you’re reading this and you’re attending ComicCon, make sure you stop by Booth #1245 and meet the guys who are Wyrlwynd–and pick up some great prints and issues 1-4 of their book, Kantara!

It is Wednesday, which means I pick Gabriel up from school a bit later than usual because I have him in Lunch Bunch two days a week.  I had arrived a few minutes early, so I waited in my car.  I had some good music in rotation…including DWV’s parody of a recent Alicia Keys song that’s wildly popular.  DWV stands for Detox, Willam, and Vicky Vox–a fantastic trio of drag queens who spoof famous pop songs sing, dance, record, and tour together.  I have a hard time using the word “spoof” because the music, the lyrics, and the videos are excellent!  They reinvented Blurred Bynes and I think it’s better than Blurred Lines!

The DWV song I had playing in my car is called “Boy Is A Bottom” and you can hear the song/watch the video below.  Even if you just listen to the first few seconds, you’ll have the tune in your head, so you’ll understand why Gabriel had me in tears.

Fast forward a few minutes.  I meet him at the door, buckle him into the car seat, and we take off to run some errands.  As I’m helping him out of the car at our first stop, I mindlessly belt out “This boy is a bottommmmmm…”

Close the door, lock the door, begin to cross the street….He says, “I thought it was a girl.”
“I thought it was a girl.”
“What girl?  Who did you think was a girl?”
“I thought it was a girl…on fire.”

OMG.  I cried.  This boy doesn’t miss a beat.  This boy is on fire.  I am absolutely in love with this boy…