Don’t throw a pity party for me or anything, but Valentine’s Day sort of just sneaked up on me this year.  Last night I had this paralyzing thought:  “OH SHIT, I HAVE NO ONE.  I AM GOING TO BE ALL ALONE ON VALENTINE’S DAY.  OMG.”

So when I woke up this morning…to, um…about six more inches of snow on top of the foot of snow that fell yesterday, I decided I was going to show myself some love (oh STAHHHHP) and do something fun.

As I was getting dressed, I got a text message from Ron.  He told me he was having a rough day, because….he was laid off exactly one year ago today.

(So total side note here:  to the man who laid my husband off on VALENTINE’S DAY…you don’t know me from a hole in the wall so please understand I have a heart of gold and a soul to match and everything I say comes from a place of love…  If you got a mysterious Valentine herpes-like rash and your home was washed away in a Florida hurricane, I wouldn’t even care enough to give you a shrug, much less a special cream for your flaming undercarriage.)

My response to Ron was…well, I was a little surprised.  I kind of forgot it happened on Valentine’s Day.  I mean, I know it happened on Valentine’s Day, and I guess we were in such shock…  So we didn’t even celebrate Valentine’s Day last year.

Fast forward a whole year and there’s no jobs, no money, no marriage, no happy family anymore.  Gabriel and I are still living with Yiayia and Papou, trying to take each day as it comes and hope for the best.

Now at this point, I am determined to have an unforgettable Valentine’s Day.  It’s not going to be lovey dovey, I told myself.  This isn’t the year for lovey-dovey, but dammit, I’m going to make today special.

I suited up for some snow-play and got my little Valentine ready to play outside, too.

Yeah--THAT much snow, and supposedly more on the way?

Yeah–THAT much snow, and supposedly more on the way?

This is some good snow.  This is really good packing snow.  The kind that’ll give you welts if you throw a snowball at someone.  And…the kind of snow that’s really good for building a snowman.

I have never successfully built a snowman.  I made a snowhead once.  When G was about 15 months old.  It was cuuuuute!



Why not?  It was already dragged through the snow (on my wedding day), it’s just sitting around, I’m not using it.  And if I would ever get remarried again…I sure as hell wouldn’t wear the same dress!  Besides, it’s VALENTINE’S DAY AND I AM ALOOOOOONE…

For the next two hours, Gabriel and I were on a mission.

Snow Bride

MEET SNOWPHIA–Hot Mess In A Dirty Dress

So I think Snowphia turned out pretty amazeballs and she’s standing outside in my parents’ front yard, if anyone wants to swing by and take a look.

I totally recommend you don’t get too close because the dress was wrapped up in plastic for six years and smells like armpits and ouzo.  It smells like the reason “Greek showers” were invented.

The slightly awkward but funny moment was when I was beating my snowman’s face with acrylic paint (#mugfordayssss) and……Ron pulled into the driveway.  With a special Valentine delivery for me.

008 copy

Not sure if this is a romantic gesture? A plea to get my PMS under control? Or Diabolical Damage to my Divorce Diet? I ain’t even mad…it’s tasty AF.

I don’t know…right now we suck at being husband and wife.  He laughed at my Snowphia, and it reminded me that we’re still pretty awesome at being friends.

So that automatically makes Valentine’s Day 2014 better than Valentine’s Day 2013.  And…between last night and this morning, I had tons of messages and exchanges from friends…not the pity kind, the genuine kind.  The kind of conversations that make you sit back and think, “damn, I know some good people.  I’m surrounded by good people.”

Who cares about celebrating eros love (romantic love) when every other day of the year you’ve got friends who fill your heart with philia love (brotherly love)…?  To my old friends, my new friends, and my future friends:  I love each and every one of you!  Wishing you a blessed Valentine’s Day full of LOVE…if you feel down today, leave me a comment, send me a message, or go outside and build your very own Snowphia!