Um, ADORBS ALERT!  Let me show you how I made these stinkin’ cute, clippable, googly-eyed bats to decorate my home (on a budget!)  Plus, I have a crappy, hand-drawn, but otherwise good enough bat template for you to download and print–for free!

Here’s what you need:

Clothespins (the springy type)
Black paint (tempera or acrylic is fine)
Black construction paper or cardstock
Tacky glue or Elmer’s glue
Newspaper, if you’re a hot creative mess
Optional:  If you have a printer, download my free bat template and print it out!  Also, if you plan on making several, you may wish to retrace the template onto sturdy cardstock, tagboard, or old file folders.
Googly eyes (totally optional but ALWAYS fun)

1.  Freehand your own bat shape or download my template here:  GB_BatTemplate

2.  Paint your clothespins black and allow time to dry.

3.  Trace and cut out your bat shapes.

4.  Glue googly eyes onto your bat (use white paper to make eyes).  Decorate the bat any way you wish.

5.  Glue your bat onto the clothespin and allow for drying time.

6.  Clip them around the house for adorable Halloween decor!

batdisplayI made these with my son, but I clipped them around the house when he wasn’t home.  He was so surprised when he came home from school!

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