I stood there in a brand-new-to-me school cafeteria, with my lunch tray held in a tight grip as I scanned the entire room, looking for an open place to sit down and dig in to my french bread pizza and limp fruit cocktail.  I didn’t have the nerve to sit down with the cheerleaders, and the goth kids made me feel a little uncomfortable.  There didn’t appear to be any seats–anywhere.  Then I spotted a table in the corner, where an attractive young black woman was eating lunch and paging through a fashion magazine.  I walked over and introduced myself, but before I asked if I could sit down, she looked up at me and said…“I’m not here to make best buddies, bitch!”

That’s as far as I got into retelling the dream, before my therapist stopped me and wanted to address my dream’s deeper meaning.  She began to pick apart pieces of the dream, telling me my inadequacies were eating me up inside, and that I had serious unresolved childhood insecurities.

Limp fruit cocktail = unresolved childhood insecurities.  Really?

How about I save myself $50 a sesh and acknowledge I love drag so much, I dream about it?

That queen I saw in my dream was Drag Race Season 4 contender Lashauwn Beyond, also known as Jamall Jackson.  One of the youngest queens to ever grace the main stage, Lashauwn captured our hearts right from the get-go.  RuPaul challenged the queens to create post-apocalyptic couture for the runway, and our adorable l’il queenlette Lashauwn admitted she didn’t know what “post-apopalopic” was!

But it was during Untucked (Episode 2) that Lashauwn joined Club LEGENDARY with her, well, legendary Queen Quote, “This is not RuPaul’s Best Friend Race!”

Below:  Jiggly Caliente defends her lack of sewing skills and Lashauwn Beyond calls her on it.

“I’m not here to make best buddies, b

This exchange was so legendary, Ru brought it back to Season 5 and Coco Montrese played the part of Lashauwn.  Coco killed it–KILLED IT–dare I say Coco did it better than Lashauwn?  Is that even possible?!?!

Unfortunately, Lashauwn went home after the second episode.  I’m positive we missed out on a bunch of quotable moments due to her early departure.  And one thing I really appreciated about Lashauwn was her self confidence was equally balanced with her acknowledgement that she was still pretty new in the Drag world, and was still learning and growing.

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Lashauwn lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL (she grew up there, too).  She loves to sew and often worked backstage in the pageant circuit, assisting others in perfecting their stage look.  Lashauwn comes from a super-supportive family (two brothers and two sisters!) and will be 24 in a few weeks.  Happy birthday, gurrrrl!

I would love to see Lashauwn perform someday (it will totally happen) and I sure hope we haven’t seen the last of her on Drag Race.  It would be amazing to watch her compete again, perhaps with some other queens that probably went home earlier than they should have.  Lashauwn was dedicated to growth, and I’m sure she would dazzle the audience with her beauty, entertain us with her humorous quips and quotes, and impress us with her costume creations!  (I love a queen that can sew!)


Jamall is seriously one of the hottest queens out of drag.  LOOK.  FUCKING LOOK AT HIM.  OMG.

tumblr_mhnim2ZqmK1qa86dto1_500bestfriendraceI quote RuPaul’s Drag Race whenever the hell I can.
And that’s my BFF.