90c10be517f5e91f06bce8ae16c52fddEvery single person who hears the name “Mimi Imfurst” can be put into one of three distinct groups.  The first group is “The Kids Are At It Again” group.  These folks don’t follow drag and it’s likely that they’re hearing “Me! Me!  I’m first!” and wondering who’s arguing about what.  The second group is the “She Was Only In RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars For Drama!” group.  This group is mainly comprised of loyal to semi-loyal Drag Race fans that either can’t break away from the idea that drag = all glamour, all the time; or they’re still kvetching over India Ferrah getting bushwhacked by Mimi while the pair were Lip Sync-ing For Their Life in 2011.

For those who don’t watch Drag Race, here’s Mimi’s Infamous Moment.

Ru dismissed Mimi after the Lip Sync, but not without addressing the outrageous move.  “Drag is not a contact sport,” said Ru.

Mimi returned to the Main Stage for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars the following year, and many people voiced concerns, negative opinions, and accusations that allowing Mimi to return was a ploy to boost ratings.  Which brings me to the third group of people…

…the “Mimi Imfurst Is a Fierce, Talented Bitch” group.  My group.

In hindsight, hoisting India Ferrah up atop her shoulders wasn’t the best choice to make.  Even Mimi looks back at that moment–not with regret, but in a meaningful way…with experience.  How can we possibly judge Mimi on a snap decision like that?  Haven’t we all pulled a stunt or two in our lifetime?

I mean…I know Miley Cyrus isn’t the first person to grind her nether regions on the crotch of a married guy in a suit.  *cough*
And as if Amanda Bynes isn’t the only young woman to express a desire for sexual gratification from an attractive man?

Snapshot_20131007_2 copy1

Soooo, anyway.

My point in all of this is…..if you judge a Queen on a single, crestfallen moment captured on camera, you’re likely going to miss out on an amazing talent; and an amazing being.

Out of drag, Mimi is Braden Chapman, born in Massachusetts and raised in Maine.  He was 16 when he started doing drag.  He has been in several off Broadway plays, and is well known for portraying Mary in his annual Christmas show.  Additionally, he does stand up comedy and is a recording artist.  He formed a “girl” group (two girls, one drag queen) called XELLE and produced an album (“Queens”) with catchy, fun candy-pop music.  The group announced they were parting ways in July of 2013, and Mimi went on to release a song and music video, “Another Lie” in September of this year.

Mimi Imfurst is a multi-faceted, multi-talented performer and anyone who looks beyond that isolated Lip Sync For Your Life moment will understand why Mimi absolutely deserved a spot on Drag Race All Stars.  If you’re still not convinced, check out this video of Mimi singing, dancing, acting, and…..well, if you watched the Lip Sync video, you’ll understand why the crowd roars right around the 3:00 mark.

To me…Mimi is synonymous with…LUSCIOUS.  Everything about her.  From her lashes to her curvy figure, she is a luscious bombshell.  Between her appearance on Drag Race Season 3, Drag Race All Stars, and now–Mimi has trimmed several pounds off her figure.  No matter what the number on the scale says, Mimi has always displayed a level of confidence about herself and her shape that I dream of bottling up and sharing with every woman I meet.

At this time, my blog is still very new, and I have not yet begun to weave the stories of my life into my blog posts.  Right now, I assume many of my readers are friends and family I know in real life.  They know things about me that I have yet to reveal here on my blog.  For my readers who don’t know me, it’s important that I share with you that I was once morbidly obese and ten years ago, I lost 120 pounds and gained all the confidence in the world.  I had a baby in 2008 and quickly fell into the stay at home mom trap of not taking care of myself the way I should, with quiet and humble confidence…  I was tired, fat, and ugly.  And depressed.

It is my goal to connect Mainstream, Straight USA (especially Moms) with the Drag community.  I can’t imagine a single, tired, neglected, nutritionally deficient, sleep deprived mother NOT being inspired by the confidence of a Drag Queen who loves and embraces every inch of her body–every flaw and every perfection.

It seems only natural to feature Mimi Imfurst as this weeks’ queen (after RuPaul, with whom my Drag affair began).  Mimi is a living example of how and why we should love ourselves and our bodies when we don’t fit in with society’s “norm” or “expectation.”

If you take a few minutes to examine Mimi beyond the lashes, the wig, the antics, and the performances…you’ll discover her most beautiful characteristics:  equal parts self-acceptance and desire to continually be a better Self.  What’s even more beautiful is that she uses the internet and social media to share her profound thoughts and affirmations.


Mimi displayed a “then versus now” photo of the amazing evolution of her makeup skills.  But the message speaks to millions…gay or straight, man or woman, young or old…  How can anyone read that and not feel the stirring of their inner Self?  How can anyone read that and ignore the spiritual call-to-action?

Recently, there has been some controversy after the Philadelphia Gay Pride Committee tried to have Mimi arrested for standing up for gay rights at… a pride event.  Really.  Click on “Post” below to read all about what happened.

There has been an outpouring of support for Mimi by fellow drag queens and thousands upon thousands of LGBT folks and supporters.  And I am proud to say I am one of them!  I stand by Mimi!

If we never looked past Mimi’s Infamous Moment on RuPaul’s Drag Race; if we only knew her as the gum flappin’, drama startin’, lip syncin’ and bitch liftin’ Queen of Drag Race, we would miss out on her inner beauty, her talent, her ambition, and worst of all…we would miss out on the opportunity for our own Selves to strive towards a higher calling through her inspirational messages.

Hey Mimi!  If you’re reading this–I’ll see you at The Dollhouse Revue one of these Thursday nights.  I’m only an hour away.  The real challenge, for me, is that it’s a school night.  Taking my son to preschool in Ratchet Realness glory is one thing…  I’m not so sure Child Protective Services would stay out of my business if I took Gabriel to school after a night at Voyeur.  Last time I was there, I dry humped everything in sight, poured a drink on myself a la Flashdance, and probably would’ve bought that little bag of coke from the dude in the alley behind the club if I could’ve stopped dry heaving long enough to dig some money out of my purse.  To this day, there is still some mystery about how I got home that night.

IMG_20130428_231103 Last photo on my phone before the blackout!

(Or I got roofied!  Who knows?  Who cares? Womp-womp!)